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How to Choose a Best Vacuum Cleaner?

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A vacuum is one of the most effective cleaning tools and the price can be range from below $100 to a higher price tag up to $1000. There are many different types of vacuum with several different attachments. So, just before buying a premium vacuum cleaner make sure you know what type of cleaner is best for your needs.

Selection of the most efficient vacuum cleaner can be confusing. To clarify, you need to know what different types of depression, what are the primary characteristics, it is possible to find a vacuum cleaner, and you want the type of flooring that you use a vacuum cleaner.


Main factor to consider when looking for vacuum cleaner

The following is a list of key features that come with vacuum cleaners. It is worth that much more characteristics of a vacuum cleaner, the more expensive it is worn.


A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction can depend on many things, but the performance of the engine is really a very good indicator of his power. The more watts, a vacuum, the more powerful it becomes. A good value for a cylinder cleaner is around 1400 watts and 1300 for an amount.

Bag or bagless

This seems to be the last and confusing, depending on many vacuum cleaners. Until recently, all vacuum cleaner dust collected in a bag. However, this changed when Dyson came on the market. The main disadvantage of the empty bags, the loss of suction as the bag fills. A bagless Dyson DC07 handheld vacuum cleaner not to use dust bags, but by suction centrifugal force. Vacuum cleaner that does not lose suction with pockets. bagless vacuum cleaners are generally more expensive than those that use the bags. Another disadvantage of the bagless vacuum cleaner is empty the bin. Bag models can be much more hygienic due to dirt and dust is collected in a sealed bag. If you or someone in your family has asthma, it is far better to opt for a cleaner bags.


When a vacuum sucks the dirt particles are displaced by the vacuum exhaust. The filter determines the size and number of particles are excluded. You can now find 3 types of filters on the offer. Standard filtration is now usually only in low-cost vacuum. When buying a vacuum filtration standard, make sure you look for one with more than 1 level of filtration. S-class and HEPA filters reduce the number and size of particles that are emitted into the air. This type of vacuum filter able to keep 99.97% of dust down to 0.3 microns (microscopic). Allergy sufferers should consider only with HEPA filter. You will now have many best HEPA vacuum available to choose from.

Of course there are many other factors to consider such as price, types, warranty, cord or cordless, attachments, etc that you can consider when you wish to get a new vacuum cleaner.


Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are many types of vacuum cleaners with special cleaning capabilities.

An upright vacuum cleaner can maneuver much more difficult and less suitable for cleaning small gaps and spaces. If the weight is a problem, then you might better off with a very canister. The amounts can be obtained with many plants to help clean the most difficult places.

Canister vacuum cleaners are easier to use because the motor and handle are separated and tend to be able to move a large area (including above floor cleaning) with the head of a vacuum, without the motor. Most vacuum cleaner with attachments, which are housed in them for quick retrieval and storage come.

The stick vacuum is the lightweight version of similar uprights. These kinds of vacuums are less power and it also available with cordless model with rechargeable battery. So, it’s easy for you to move from one place to another.

Hand held vacuum cleaners is small, lightweight and is for smaller cleaning jobs and are wonderful for the high zone, like the tops of the curtains. This highly portable and small vacuum also can be use for auto cleaning.

Steam cleaner with steam to the floor mats. They are very effective in the acquisition of land in the dust outside. They are not as difficult, in conjunction with a steam cleaner to use with very good quality as the Hoover SteamVac leave the carpets dry to the touch after use.

Finally, wet and dry units are versatile. They can be used in dry mode, distributed, like their counterparts in much further. But they can also be used to clean your carpets with water and shampoo for carpets, so that your carpet is clean and perfumed.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Small Vacuum Cleaner

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If you are ready to explore the many options of small vacuum cleaner models available, there are some key factors that you will want to consider before you start shopping around. You likely have some very specific needs for considering buying such a machine, and paying attention to your requirements as well as these factors listed below will help you to get the machine that best meets your needs:

  • If the machine will be used for spills and small messes or for larger surface area cleaning
  • If attachments are needed for your cleaning jobs
  • If a cordless or plug-in model is preferred
  • If a bagless or bagged canister is preferred
  • What your price range is
  • How much storage space is available in your home for storing your small vacuum cleaner when it is not in use
  • If you have a use for a wet/dry vac or if a traditional dry vac will meet your needs

You will find that focusing your attention on these factors as you start shopping around will really help you to narrow down the options available to you and will help you to find a machine that will fully meet your needs.

Once you have your list of options narrowed down to those that best meet your needs, you will then want to take some time to review consumer reports and reviews on the small vacuum cleaner models you have placed on your short list. You likely will also want to pay attention to the warranty that comes with the models you are looking at. With how much use most vacuums get, you may find that your warranty comes in handy at some point, so you will want to find a machine made by a manufacturer that backs up its product with a strong warranty.

From that point, you can start price shopping. You may be tempted to take the most affordable small vacuum cleaner that is left on your list of options at this point, but there is one more consideration that will come into play here. That consideration is the shipping fee associated with your purchase. Some retailers do offer the incredible benefit of free shipping on your purchase while others may charge you $10, $20, or more. So clearly shipping charges for a certain model can and should play a factor in not just which model you purchase but also in which retailer you purchase your vacuum from. While buying online may tack on the additional charge of a shipping fee, depending on where you make your purchase from, it also provides you with a very convenient way to save time and money shopping for the model that is right for you and in doing a price comparison, too.


Hand-Held Vacuum Models vs. Other Models

You will find that the largest difference in the small vacuum cleaner models available is between the hand-held models and the other models such as portable canister models and stick models. Generally, the portable canister models and stick models are designed to be used for small floor surface areas. They are essentially a smaller version of the traditional, full-size vacuum cleaner models. Many people with a smaller home or apartment will opt to clean their entire homes with these small vacuum cleaner models. The stick vacuums are available in dry vac as well as wet/dry vac models, and these are used for smaller floor spaces as well. The wet/dry vac models are generally suited for hard floor surfaces in homes of all spaces.

On the other hand, the hand-held models are used for a different cleaning function. These are generally used to clean sofas and chairs, and some people will even use them to clean their car interior, too. They are also ideal for spot-cleaning jobs, such as when you accidentally spill flour on the floor while baking or when your child spills a bag of crumbly crackers or chips on the floor. Because of how very different these small vacuum cleaner models are, many people will have both types on hand to help with a variety of different cleaning jobs.